Bioamber and Sinoven Partner for Biobased Succinic Acid

Dec 1, 2009

PRINCETON, NJ, Dec. 1 /CNW Telbec/ - Bioamber (a joint venture between DNP Green Technology and ARD) and Sinoven Biopolymers Inc. have signed a supply agreement for biobased succinic acid. Under the terms of the agreement, Bioamber will be Sinoven's exclusive supplier of biobased succinic acid, enabling Sinoven to produce renewable modified polybutylene succinate plastic (PBS).

Sinoven's revolutionary modified PBS has better performance than other biodegradable polymers sold today, with heat resistance above 100 degrees C, excellent strength properties and the ability to be processed in existing production equipment. Sinoven will be the first company to commercialize PBS with renewable content above 50%. Sinoven's modification technology has opened up new markets for PBS, fulfilling end user cost and performance requirements not currently met by other biodegradable polymers. Applications include foodservice coffee lids, cups, dishes, cutlery, straws and stirrers, as well as consumer use products such as disposable razors, writing instruments and cosmetics packaging.

"Affordable, biobased succinic acid is the key to renewable, high performance PBS that can cost effectively compete with today's petrochemical based plastics. Bioamber is the only company supplying commercial quantities of biobased succinic acid. This agreement will enable Sinoven to rapidly move into biobased commercial production and meet the needs of our customers." says Ray Balée, President and CEO of Sinoven. "The fact that the production of biobased succinic acid is a significant consumer, rather than producer, of harmful CO2 greenhouse gas is an added benefit for our customers".

"We are pleased to have secured a strategic customer for biobased succinic acid. Sinoven's technology is disruptive and their modified PBS has tremendous potential. Our goal is to meet their immediate needs and to grow with them." added Jean-Francois Huc, President of DNP Green Technology.

About DNP Green Technology

DNP Green Technology is a private company that produces renewable chemicals. Through numerous scientific and business partnerships, DNP Green Technology has built an extensive IP portfolio covering the production, purification and uses of succinic acid and its derivatives. DNP Green has established a joint venture, known as Bioamber, to scale up and commercialize its succinic acid technology. DNP Green is actively developing other biobased chemical platforms, leveraging biotechnology and chemistry to produce renewable products. The company has offices in Princeton, N.J. and Montreal, Canada.

About ARD

ARD (Agro-Industrie Recherches et Développements) is the R&D centre of the Champagne Ardenne agricultural cooperatives that grow cereals, sugar, and alfalfa. Representative of the global-scale competitive cluster of agricultural industries and resources, ARD adds value to and finds new outlets for agricultural crops and develops innovative and competitive products that use the renewable carbon in plants after processing in a bio-refinery. Along with its affiliate SOLIANCE, which specializes in the production and commercialization of active ingredients for the cosmetics industry, and WHEATOLEO, a joint venture with OLEON in the market for surfactants of vegetable origin, ARD has 25 years of experience in the fractionation of plants, green chemistry, and white biotechnology. ARD and its affiliates have approximately 130 employees.

About Sinoven Biopolymers

Sinoven Biopolymers, Inc. (SBI) is a private company that produces high performance biodegradable polybutylene succinate (PBS) based plastic. With its proprietary technology and extensive composite portfolio, SBI tailors cost effective products for industries, including foodservice, consumer use, medical, electronics and automotive. The company has production facilities in Shanghai, China and offices in Philadelphia, PA, Shanghai and Beijing, China.

For further information: Mike Hartmann, Vice-President Corporate, DNP Green Technology, (514) 844-8000 ext 120,,

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