Bioamber and Basic Solutions announce next generation bio-based runway de-icers

Dec 18, 2008

    PRINCETON, NJ, Dec. 18 /CNW Telbec/ - DNP Green Technology and ARD are
pleased to announce that their Bioamber joint venture has entered into an
exclusive agreement with Basic Solutions for the development and
commercialization of a new generation of bio-based runway de-icers. These
innovative de-icers will deliver important performance improvements over
existing products, while offering environmentally friendly solutions for
    The new runway de-icers are designed to: meet SAE G12 AMS certification
standards, melt ice and snow down to bare surfaces, reduce aircraft carbon
brake corrosion and wiring oxidation, respect ecological standards and be
biodegradable, and be cost competitive with the current generation of
    Basic Solutions is an emerging player in the market for runway de-icers
and a leader in the formulation and commercialization of natural, ecologically
friendly products that offer improved performance. By partnering with
Bioamber, Basic Solutions will offer airports deicing solutions that are made
from renewable feedstocks and contribute to lowering greenhouse emissions.
Bioamber's proprietary technology under license from the US DOE uses
fermentation to produce succinic acid through a process that consumes CO(2).
    Bioamber will dedicate to Basic Solutions a portion of the capacity of
its bio-based succinic acid plant currently under construction. By securing
this production capacity, Basic Solution expects to address the market
shortage that exists for the current generation of deicing products. Basic
Solutions plans to begin testing the new de-icer solutions in airports in the
2009-2010 winter season and begin contract selling in the 2010-2011 winter
    "This new generation of runway de-icers will be a significant innovation
for the global de-icing industry and position Basic Solutions as a leader in
this large market", said Kelvin Williamson, Director, Basic Solutions North
America Corp. Dilum Dunuwila, Vice President of Bioamber added: "Our
partnership demonstrates that innovative products can be developed that
provide superior performance, are cost effective and beneficial to the

    About DNP Green Technology

    DNP Green Technology is a private US company dedicated to the development
of innovative technologies that use renewable biomass to produce green
building blocks for the chemical industry that are cost competitive with
fossil fuels. Thanks to its numerous scientific and business partnerships, DNP
Green Technology has succeeded in building an extensive portfolio of patents
and expertise in the production and purification of bio-based succinic acid
and derivative products, as well as their use in various applications. DNP
Green Technology has offices in Princeton, N.J., and Montreal, Canada.
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    About ARD

    ARD (Agro-Industrie Recherches et Développements) is the R&D centre of
the Champagne Ardenne agricultural cooperativesthat grow cereals, sugar, and
alfalfa. Representative of the global-scale competitive cluster of
agricultural industries and resources, ARD adds value to and finds new outlets
for agricultural crops and develops innovative and competitive products that
use the renewable carbon in plants after processing in a bio-refinery. Along
with its affiliate SOLIANCE, which specializes in the production and
commercialization of active ingredients for the cosmetics industry, and
WHEATOLEO, a joint venture with OLEON in the market for surfactants of
vegetable origin, ARD has 25 years of experience in the fractionation of
plants, green chemistry, and white biotechnology. ARD and its affiliates have
approximately 130 employees.
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    About Bioamber

    Bioamber is a white biotechnology company dedicated to the production of
bio-based succinic acid and derivative products. Bioamber is a joint venture
established between DNP Green Technology and ARD.
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    About Basic Solutions

    Basic Solutions is a proven specialist in creating powerful yet
eco-friendly chemical products. Basic Solutions is a division of the LNT Group
based in Leeds, England. The LNT Group has been listed No. 40 on the Sunday
Times Fast Track Company survey.
r=2008&sort=num&area1=99 Basic Solutions sells the de-icers of choice for much
of England's rail network, where the prevalence of steel and concrete makes it
critical that products are non-corrosive. They are also used extensively by
local authorities, schools and construction sites through-out the UK. Basic
Solutions is also intensifying its efforts to make a difference in airports in
North America and Europe. Using a cooperative and constructive approach with
airlines, airports, regulators and airframe manufacturers, Basic Solutions is
developing innovative chemical formulations.
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For further information:

For further information: Dr. Roger Laurent Bernier, DNP Green
Technology, (514) 844-1280,; Kelvin Williamson,
Basic Solutions North America Corp., (905) 562-0770,

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