Bioamber announces world's first bio-based succinic acid plant: helping to reduce dependence on fossil fuels

Dec 16, 2008

    PRINCETON, NJ, Dec. 16 /CNW Telbec/ - DNP Green Technology and ARD are
pleased to announce that their Bioamber joint venture has obtained the
necessary permits and begun construction of the world's first production plant
for bio-based succinic acid. The succinic acid plant will have an annual
production capacity of 2,000 metric tons and will be integrated into an
existing bio-refinery located in Pomacle, France. The plant, which is being
financed by ARD at a cost of US $27m, will begin production in the fall of
2009. This technological milestone represents a significant step forward for
renewable, bio-based chemistry and it will help reduce the world's dependence
on fossil fuels.
    Bioamber's production of bio-based succinic acid can use various
renewable feedstocks such as wheat, corn, sugar cane, rice, lingo-cellulose
and glycerin. Succinic acid and succinate esters can be used as building
blocks in a multitude of markets including biopolymers, plastics, polyesters,
resins, runway deicers, non-toxic solvents and renewable fuels (as a diesel
    The plant demonstrates the technological breakthrough of the US
Department of Energy's proprietary E. coli bacterium, which is under exclusive
license to DNP Green Technology and has been optimized by Bioamber. Bioamber's
fermentation technology is cost competitive with the petrochemical processes.
Bioamber's revolutionary platform also offers an important environmental
advantage: it consumes CO(2), as opposed to equivalent petrochemical processes
that emit greenhouse gases.
    "This plant will showcase our technology at a commercial scale and prove
our cost competitiveness with petrochemical feedstocks", said Patrick Piot,
Bioamber's General Manager. Jean Francois Huc, President of DNP Green
Technology, added: "This plant clearly demonstrates that Bioamber is the world
leader in bio-based succinic acid and it will assist us in our ongoing work
with a variety of industry partners seeking renewable, non-petroleum
feedstocks for chemical and fuel markets."
    DNP Green Technology and ARD are excited about this milestone and expect
Bioamber to make important announcements in the coming months on new strategic
partnerships, contract sales of bio-based succinic acid and the out-licensing
of the technology platform to third parties through turn-key packages.

    About ARD

    ARD (Agro-Industrie Recherches et Développements) is the R&D centre of
the Champagne Ardenne agricultural cooperativesthat grow cereals, sugar, and
alfalfa. Representative of the global-scale competitive cluster of
agricultural industries and resources, ARD adds value to and finds new outlets
for agricultural crops and develops innovative and competitive products that
use the renewable carbon in plants after processing in a bio-refinery. Along
with its affiliate SOLIANCE, which specializes in the production and
commercialization of active ingredients for the cosmetics industry, and
WHEATOLEO, a joint venture with OLEON in the market for surfactants of
vegetable origin, ARD has 25 years of experience in the fractionation of
plants, green chemistry, and white biotechnology. ARD and its affiliates have
approximately 130 employees.
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    About DNP Green Technology

    DNP Green Technology is a private US company dedicated to the development
of innovative technologies that use renewable biomass to produce green
building blocks for the chemical industry that are cost competitive with
fossil fuels. Thanks to its numerous scientific and business partnerships, DNP
Green Technology has succeeded in building an extensive portfolio of patents
and expertise in the production and purification of bio-based succinic acid
and derivative products, as well as their use in various applications. DNP
Green Technology has offices in Princeton, N.J., and Montreal, Canada.
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    About Bioamber

    Bioamber is a white biotechnology company dedicated to the production of
bio-based succinic acid and derivatives. Bioamber is a joint venture
established between DNP Green Technology and ARD.
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For further information: Dr. Roger Laurent Bernier, DNP Green
Technology, (514) 844-1280,

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